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As a means to boost education through sports, Friends in service together with Kista Sports club will be starting Football classes in different schools. The football class members will be a model group for other children who ignore academics just because they are talented. The classes will be monitored by a team of qualified leaders who will be working alongside the school teacher.


Seeing kids grow in their talents and becoming world champions makes the kids championship one of the most rewarding project to be part of. The projects runs throughout the year and takes onboard both school and out of school groups. We give the kids a platform to try out different games, music, creative arts, reading etc.


All the children and youths who go through our development programs end up playing in our top youth team. This team plays in the 4th division of the national football league. Most of our boys are scouted from this team. We have had a number of our boys scouted by Universities, top clubs and some are now playing in the national team.


The passion dedication and zeal to play while learning exhibited in the friends junior league is one step above. The learning attitude presented by the kids is so exceptional. Nine teams have registered in the league with an average of 30 children per team.


We run two types of camps. the Annual camp and the developemnt camp.The development camp takes place every term of the year while the annual camp takes place once every end of the year. On average the camp attracts close to 200 children and youths.

Malin Walberg

My internship in Uganda was life changing and i can not wait to recommend anyone to try it themselve

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