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Sisters in service is a group of girls and women working together inspiring and encouraging each other. The group is involved in activities that lifts their potential through empowerment programs and education.

Malin Walberg

My internship in Uganda was life changing and i can not wait to recommend anyone to try it themselve

Girl groups

Working with african teenage girls is revolutionary. Ingaging in group discussions, inspirational and motivating activities open up the treasures and potential of the girl child. Sisters in service is one of its kind. Going agaist all ords including the culture and attitude with the aim of bringing about development through the girls and women.


Sports activities

Sports activities among the girls is not so common limiting the girls' options to having a happy healthy life. Sisters in Service has created sports activities for the girls and women.

Girls camp

A girls camp gives the girls and young mothers an outing , where they meet,discuss play, and come up with developmental recommendations for the group and their individual lives.


Music and drama

Sisters in service members have one thing in common, singing. The art of singing together is a bonding factor for the group.

Young mothers support

Giving a hand to a mother means a lot to the mothers. Based on the fact that even after giving birth, most mothers continue their daily routine of taking care of the family. 30 minutes baby sitting is a holiday for the mother.

We also give post natal advise and information about nutrition as well as other practical support.


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