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The creative center gives a platform to young people to tryout different games, arts, music as well as composition. The creative center is open everyday and encourages young people to come up with new ways of doing things. In the creative center we have a music studio, a video camera, paint and other tools that can be used to motivate creativity.

Friends intl school and day care

Foundational educational is the basis of any successful education system. Friends Intenational school and day care offers both pre school and pre primaimary education to children in the community. We also have a day care were we take care of babies from the age of 7 months to enable their parents to work since there is no social welfare for parents in Uganda


Teaching internship

The international aspect is emphasised in our schools. This does not only mean that the kids know about the outside world but to also know how they can contribute to the outside world. We host a number of teachers from different countries who come to volunteer, or do their internship in the school.


Malin Walberg

My internship in Uganda was life changing and i can not wait to recommend anyone to try it themselve

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