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Education is the only solution to the challenges in the developing world. In response to this we started a school whre community kids get an education.


We run a football development program which gives young people not just the opportunity to develop their talents but also to give them the opportunity to play while learning. Together with Kista SC KFUM we run a project called Education through Sports.


Friends in service works with other organizations and institution, including hospitals, orphanage homes, media companies, universities and churches were we streach our services to the community.


The creative center gives a platform to young people to tryout different games, arts, music as well as composition. The creative center is open everyday and encourages young people to come up with new ways of doing things. In the creative center we have a music studio, a video camera, paint and other tools that can be used to motivate creativity.


Sisters in service is a group of girls and women working together inspiring and encouraging each other. The group is involved in activities that lifts their potential through empowerment programs and education.

Malin Walberg

My internship in Uganda was life changing and i can not wait to recommend anyone to try it themselve

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