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Painting and art

The creative center gives a platform to young people to tryout different games, arts, music as well as composition. The creative center is open everyday and encourages young people to come up with new ways of doing things. In the creative center we have a music studio, a video camera, paint and other tools that can be used to motivate creativity.

Jewellery and crafts

One of the fruits of the creative center is the making of crafts and jewellery by the women and girls. These crafts are sold both locally and internationally. The income that comes out of the products is used to support the women and girls in their daily lives



The creative center is a place where ideas, visions are creatively put into implementation. At the creative center people of all sorts meet to develop their ideas. We facilitate this by offering the meeting place, and also to facilitate the actual implementation of programs.


Creative arts

Singing and dancing is one way of expressing views as well as a rehabilitation for the mind. The creative center has produced youth groups that compose and sing. Are you a music teacher, producer, dancer or have any skills in creative arts, this would be a place for you

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